Gravity Galaxy Review

Gravity Galaxy by Pixelbyte has all the qualities I've come to expect from titles published by Ancient Games. It's packed with charming low-poly graphics, intelligent puzzle design, and filled to the brim with unlockables. At launch time, the gravity puzzler's playtime is admittedly a little short, but despite the general lack of replayable content, the game is … Continue reading Gravity Galaxy Review

Maximum Car Review

Maximum Car by Ancient Games, Tea & Cheese, and I Fight Bears has a lot going for it. Combining intense speed, flashy visuals and responsive controls in homage to Out Run and Burnout, it's hard not to enjoy the game's shameless adrenaline fixation, stylized voxel artwork and huge supply of optional challenges. However, before we proceed with the review, there's an … Continue reading Maximum Car Review

Diffission Review

Diffission by Filament Games throws its gauntlet into curious territory, daring players to prove their mettle in basic mathematics, primarily in the subject of fractions. Math can be a tricky subject in game design, where user-friendly strategies are necessary in order to reel in new players and keep them entertained. A game with fractions at its core potentially dares … Continue reading Diffission Review

Duck Roll Review

Duck Roll by developer Mamau had me hooked from the first level. Something about the game's protagonist - a voxel-style duck with a cheery stare - assured me that the experience would be memorable. With this goofy little duck at my fingertips, I rolled my way through the game's levels, finding that beneath the facade of silliness, Duck Roll … Continue reading Duck Roll Review

VOI Review

Minimalist visuals and atmospheric design are some of the handiest tools in an indie studio's arsenal. Simple polygons and electronic soundscapes are much cheaper to produce than the bump-mapped, fully orchestrated worlds of big-budget studios. In the case of Gamebrain Studio's newest puzzler VOI, this minimalism extends beyond aesthetics into the core of the gameplay, which foregoes new … Continue reading VOI Review

Blyss Review

Blyss by Dropout Games is a well-paced tile-puzzler, loaded with relaxing, endlessly replayable gameplay. Its soft color palette and minimalist design elevate its procedurally-generated puzzle gameplay to a high level of excellence, albeit with a few quirks when it comes to unlocking gameplay modes. The core mechanic in Blyss is simple. At the start of each level, … Continue reading Blyss Review