Cubiques Review

Cubiques by Dilmer Valecillos is Edge meets Q*bert, a block-rolling puzzler with a simple premise: eliminate a set number of floor tiles, then escape to the level's exit. It's not an exceptionally unique concept, but the game's design is so clever and well-presented that I couldn't help but play through every last level in one sitting. The game's … Continue reading Cubiques Review

Hug Arena Review

PICO-8, a fantasy console created by Lexaloffle, deviates from the modern definition of a console, dissociating itself from high-end hardware, complex control schemes and expensive peripherals, in favor of simple game-creation and sharing. An all-in-one development system and emulated console, PICO-8's harsh graphical and coding limitations force developers to streamline and minimize assets in their games. … Continue reading Hug Arena Review

Submerged: Miku and the Sunken City Review

Submerged: Miku and the Sunken City by Uppercut Games bears a striking resemblance to a certain award-winning PS2 title. In case you'd like to test out your video game trivia knowledge, I've compiled a few of the games' similarities into a short list: 1. Abandoned, potentially cursed setting. 2. Protagonist's primary motivation is to save a loved one, … Continue reading Submerged: Miku and the Sunken City Review

Dunkers Review

Dunkers by developer Colin Lane is the Enviro-Bear 2010 of sports games. From goofy long-armed characters to hilarious abuses of physics, everything comes together in a perfect storm of silliness, creating a brutally-difficult, yet satisfying 2D slam dunk competition. The joy of Dunkers lies in its simplicity. There are no tutorials, no retries, and no pay-to-proceed perks. It's down-and-dirty, it's … Continue reading Dunkers Review

Turret Fusion Review

The clicker genre has seen a surge of popularity since 2013, with the rise of Cookie Clicker, Bitcoin Billionaire, and a legion of similar carpal-tunnel-inducing time-sinks. Obsessive screen-tapping and oceans of upgrades are hallmarks of the genre, in which gameplay takes a backseat to the instant satisfaction of leveling up. In the case of Turret Fusion, developer Shark … Continue reading Turret Fusion Review