Miles & Kilo Review

Since the release of Canabalt in 2009, auto-runners have cornered the iOS platforming market, and for good reason. For all their benefits, touchscreens are unfortunately cursed with a lack of tangible feedback, and aside from a few specific titles which benefit from onscreen arrows and buttons, virtual controls in mobile games are often clunky, unappealing, and result in wasted … Continue reading Miles & Kilo Review

High Risers Review

Kumobius games are something special, exuding a spark of inimitable joy that's hard not to enjoy. Time and time again, the team nails tight controls, balanced challenges, and a pleasing art style. Bean's Quest and Bean Dreams are iOS classics in their own right, so naturally, when I noticed that Kumobius had released a little twitch platformer, I … Continue reading High Risers Review

Magic Mansion Review

The terms '1-Bit' and 'Mansion' evoke in my mind the labyrinthine corridors of Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle II or Wario Land II. Castles in the 1-Bit era were stark, dark and dangerous, loaded with puzzles, hidden passages and a multitude of traps. Magic Mansion by publisher Nitrome and developer Folmer Kelly embraces the traps and twitch gameplay, while foregoing … Continue reading Magic Mansion Review

Steppy Pants Review

Steppy Pants from developer Super Entertainment presents a silly, yet effective mashup of twitch gameplay and ragdoll physics. It doesn't stray far from the economics and graphics of Crossy Road, or the gameplay premise of QWOP, but still manages to be a memorable, addicting experience in its own right.   As with the best twitch games, one-touch … Continue reading Steppy Pants Review