Cubiques Review

Cubiques by Dilmer Valecillos is Edge meets Q*bert, a block-rolling puzzler with a simple premise: eliminate a set number of floor tiles, then escape to the level's exit. It's not an exceptionally unique concept, but the game's design is so clever and well-presented that I couldn't help but play through every last level in one sitting. The game's … Continue reading Cubiques Review

Monument Valley 2 Review

Monument Valley 2 by UsTwo Games isn't just an amazing game, and isn't just a sequel to an amazing game. It's a rich, emotionally-intelligent art piece, bursting with creativity and polished to perfection. I can't help but describe Monument Valley 2 with enthusiasm. The first Monument Valley was an achievement in its own right, an ingenious puzzler with a … Continue reading Monument Valley 2 Review

Gravity Galaxy Review

Gravity Galaxy by Pixelbyte has all the qualities I've come to expect from titles published by Ancient Games. It's packed with charming low-poly graphics, intelligent puzzle design, and filled to the brim with unlockables. At launch time, the gravity puzzler's playtime is admittedly a little short, but despite the general lack of replayable content, the game is … Continue reading Gravity Galaxy Review

Roofbot Review

Roofbot by Double Coconut and Koreez is a tricky game to review. On one hand, it's cute, well designed, highly atmospheric and satisfying to play. On the other hand, its in-app purchase model left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, tainting my experience with the game. Roofbot is an isometric grid puzzler, in which Roofie the … Continue reading Roofbot Review

Zip Zap Review

A quality physics puzzler empowers players to use their ingenuity to creatively solve problems, instead of requiring them to uncover a specifically designated path to their reward. Zip Zap by Kamibox executes this design philosophy brilliantly, using an intuitive control system to encourage players to do just that - play - within the constraints of a highly-tuned … Continue reading Zip Zap Review

The Beggar’s Ride Review

The Beggar's Ride by developer BadSeed was released on iOS to little fanfare in the winter of 2015. Reminiscent of LostWinds with a narrative style similar to The Unfinished Swan, it's hard to believe that such an expertly-crafted title has remained under the radar for so long. The Beggar's Ride is an absolute pleasure to play, and despite its … Continue reading The Beggar’s Ride Review

Diffission Review

Diffission by Filament Games throws its gauntlet into curious territory, daring players to prove their mettle in basic mathematics, primarily in the subject of fractions. Math can be a tricky subject in game design, where user-friendly strategies are necessary in order to reel in new players and keep them entertained. A game with fractions at its core potentially dares … Continue reading Diffission Review