My Horse Prince Review

Otome is a bit of an oddball genre, encompassing romance games that feature the concept of a reverse harem. Generally in Otome, a female protagonist is charmed by multiple men, who fulfill the roles of romantic archetypes. While the heavy-handed tropes of the genre might be daunting to first-time-players, parody titles such as Hatoful Boyfriend have proven that Otome's … Continue reading My Horse Prince Review

Turret Fusion Review

The clicker genre has seen a surge of popularity since 2013, with the rise of Cookie Clicker, Bitcoin Billionaire, and a legion of similar carpal-tunnel-inducing time-sinks. Obsessive screen-tapping and oceans of upgrades are hallmarks of the genre, in which gameplay takes a backseat to the instant satisfaction of leveling up. In the case of Turret Fusion, developer Shark … Continue reading Turret Fusion Review