Cubiques by Dilmer Valecillos is Edge meets Q*bert, a block-rolling puzzler with a simple premise: eliminate a set number of floor tiles, then escape to the level’s exit. It’s not an exceptionally unique concept, but the game’s design is so clever and well-presented that I couldn’t help but play through every last level in one sitting.

Cubiques Screenshot 1

Cubiques Screenshot 3

Cubiques Screenshot 2

The game’s controls are intuitive enough. Swipe to move, and roll across tiles to activate their effect. White tiles vanish when touched, grey tiles turn to white, and black tiles are indestructible. The swipe controls work well for the most part, though it would have been nice to have the option to rewind one or two previous moves, as if a player misswipes, the level generally needs to be restarted.

The level design in Cubiques isn’t devious per se, but there are a few head-scratchers in the bunch. Oddly enough, levels 50 through 60 are markedly less challenging than the ones which precede them. A little more play-testing might have helped the team achieve a more balanced learning curve, but the current level of challenge shouldn’t be off-putting to most players. 60 levels were available at launch, though that number has already been bumped up to 70, suggesting that Cubiques may continue to be supported well into the future.

Cubiques isn’t perfect, but it’s a clever and relaxing minimalistic experience, with clean graphics and a solid premise. I highly recommend checking it out on the App Store at its current price of $0.99, and I definitely recommend keeping an eye on future work by Dilmer Valecillos!

3.5 Stars


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