Eggggg is a game like no other. Overflowing with torrents of vomit, sentient eggs, and classic 2D platforming, the game drips with an utterly unique brand of weirdness, wrapped up in nostalgic googly-eyed charm, and topped off with unadulterated explosions of vivid colors. From the title screen to the final level, Hyper Games establishes their twisted vision, and they’re not afraid to splatter it all over you.

Eggggg Screenshot 1

Eggggg Screenshot 3

Eggggg Screenshot 2

Eggggg isn’t lengthy, and its mechanics aren’t wholly original, but the presentation is out of this world. The entire game oozes with the charm of an old Nickeolodeon cartoon, thriving on gross-out humor, unsettling-yet-satisfying sound effects and an atmosphere of pure, idiotic joy. The game’s protagonist exists in a state of endless glee, his arms flailing behind him as plunges toward a host of saw blades, mutant chickens, and anthropomorphic eggs.

The controls are simple. To turn left, tap on the left side of the screen. To turn right, tap on the right side. To jump, tap again in the direction you’re running. After a few well-implemented tutorials, you’ll soon be wall-jumping, clinging to moving surfaces and rocketing through the skies with ease. It’s admittedly difficult to jump straight up or down, to tackle some of the game’s more devious challenges, but instances requiring this skill are few and far between. It’s easy enough to make it through the game’s paltry 20 levels, but the real fun of Eggggg lies in achieving three star ratings on each level, by grabbing at least 50 golden pieces and 3 golden eggs. Not to mention the multitude of hidden golden-balloon challenges, only uncovered by rooting around for hidden passages and invisible walls.

While purchasing Eggggg, I was curious as to how a simple vector-art platformer could possibly justify a 350MB download. However, as soon as I booted up the first screen, the reason behind the huge download was obvious. Eggggg’s graphics, animation and sound design are top-notch, overflowing with personality and detail. The animations are fluid and dynamic, the level design is expertly crafted, and the graphical fidelity is razor-sharp. Not to mention that the audio design is varied enough that I didn’t tire of vomit sounds during my three hours of playtime, which is a miracle unto itself. In a world of shovelware free-to-play titles, Eggggg is a breath of fresh air, and shows that there are developers in this day and age who still value their craft, and care about the gamer’s experience from beginning to end.

I could rave about Eggggg all day. If you consider yourself a fan of 2D platformers or gross-out 90s cartoons, buy it. If you want to make a statement to developers that meticulous detail is still valued in today’s marketplace, buy it. If you’re on the fence and aren’t sure if it’s worth the $1.99, skip your daily coffee and take the leap. It’s an utterly unique experience, and an absolute joy to play.

5 Stars


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