A quality physics puzzler empowers players to use their ingenuity to creatively solve problems, instead of requiring them to uncover a specifically designated path to their reward. Zip Zap by Kamibox executes this design philosophy brilliantly, using an intuitive control system to encourage players to do just that – play – within the constraints of a highly-tuned level set. If you consider yourself a fan of physics puzzlers, download Zip Zap right away, so you can discover for yourself the game’s devious, addicting charm.

Zip Zap Screenshot 1

Zip Zap Screenshot 2

Zip Zap Screenshot 3

Zip Zap’s controls are simple and intuitive. Tap and hold to contract a level-specific object, and release to expand, using the physicality of your object to propel yourself toward a glowing target. The player-object you’re working with varies from level to level, which is where the fun of Zip Zap lies. Moving a two-jointed object from left to right might be simple enough, but add a few more joints, and the task becomes massively more challenging. Later levels might turn your metallic arms into pegs, to propel other objects across the level, or require you to swing back and forth, gaining momentum to reach maximum velocity. The sheer amount of variety in Zip Zap is truly impressive, considering the simple mechanics at the heart of it all.

Instead of diluting the purity of the experience with lengthy tutorials, Kamibox teaches each necessary skill to the player through natural game progression. Even so, it’s very easy to fail in Zip Zap, so thankfully the developers have seen fit to include a swipe-to-restart option. In the later levels, which had the potential to be frustrating due to tight timing requirements, I was extremely thankful for the option to instantly restart my game and try again.

With over 100 levels, Zip Zap should keep any puzzle fan busy for an hour or two. The levels are challenging, but not overly punishing. The sound design is a little lacking, as while some entertaining music plays in the game’s menus, a simple 8-bar piece loops during gameplay, which becomes quite repetitive after a while. To fully enjoy the game, I had to turn the sound off, which is a shame, as the sound effects of in-game objects are quite enjoyable.

Zip Zap is an excellent example of intelligent game design, in which a simple, entertaining concept is creatively explored without bogging down the experience with unnecessary mechanics. At its current price of $1.99, I wholeheartedly recommend it to any fans of physics puzzlers, as it’s an absolute joy to play, from beginning to end.

4.5 Stars


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