‘Succinct’ is a word that comes to mind while playing Rainbow Train‘s latest puzzle offering, Klocki.

Klocki Screenshot 1

The game opens without fanfare or instructions, presenting you with your first puzzle: two tiles, each marked with a pink line. Tapping the two tiles swaps their positions, connecting the pink line, and completing your first task. With this concise yet elegant introduction, your journey into Klocki’s puzzling world of tiles begins.

Klocki’s intuitive controls are responsive and thoroughly enjoyable to experience, and its production suits the gameplay perfectly. The satisfying sound of swapping tiles, the immediate responsiveness of a turning crank and the satisfying glow of a completed puzzle all come together to create a full-fledged sensory experience. As you progress, the game adds tile-sliding, spinning and twisting to your arsenal of tools, increasing the challenge of the puzzles at a steady-but-fair rate.

The heart of Klocki’s difficulty lies in its multiple puzzle types. After working through a number of pink-line puzzles, soon you’ll be presented with overlapping lines of different colors, black tiles which can’t sit next to other black tiles, and green-blob shape puzzles.

Klocki Screenshot 3

Klocki Screenshot 4

Klocki Screenshot 2

The shape puzzles are the true head-scratchers of the game, and not in a good way. Klocki’s pink-line puzzles work because gathering broken pieces and arranging them into a completed path is a natural human compulsion. Conversely, the green-blob puzzles don’t reach the same level of transcendent gameplay, because piecing together seemingly unrelated blobs into misshapen masses is unintuitive and confusing. Thankfully, the game only presents three or four truly frustrating green-blob levels, which can be solved through the sheer force of will, and a little trial-and-error.

Clocking in at only 82 levels, Klocki is barely an hour-long experience, but it’s truly a pleasure from beginning to end. The ambient background music is never abrasive or intrusive, and suits the game perfectly. The majority of the levels are excellently-designed, concise and self-explanatory, and the few troublesome puzzles can be dealt with through a few minutes of trial and error. For the cost of only a dollar, Klocki is well worth the purchase for any puzzle fan looking for an an hour of clever zen-puzzle gameplay in a cohesive package.

4 Stars


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