Steppy Pants from developer Super Entertainment presents a silly, yet effective mashup of twitch gameplay and ragdoll physics. It doesn’t stray far from the economics and graphics of Crossy Road, or the gameplay premise of QWOP, but still manages to be a memorable, addicting experience in its own right.


Steppy Pants Screenshot 1

Steppy Pants Screenshot 2

Steppy Pants Screenshot 3

As with the best twitch games, one-touch gameplay is central to Steppy Pants. Tap to move your blue-faced protagonist’s leg, then tap to move the other. Rinse and repeat. Your blue man will undoubtedly take a beating, collapsing into painful splits, bashing his face after stepping on a crack, or launching through the air if you have the misfortune to step on a TNT square. As with most twitch games, dying and learning from your mistakes is the core of the experience. Once you’ve worked out a rhythm to the blue man’s stepping pattern, you’ll find yourself flopping down the pathway without issue for minutes at a time, which is immensely satisfying.

An interesting addition to Steppy Pants is its inclusion of checkpoints. Once you’ve passed a dozen or so sidewalk blocks, a small flag will appear to mark your progress. While the game doesn’t become noticeably more difficult as you progress, checkpoints are still a welcome addition, sidestepping the potential tedium of walking the same chunk of terrain over and over again. With the inclusion of coffee cup powerups and some pleasantly-stylized backdrops, gameplay in Steppy Pants remains enjoyable for multiple playthroughs. The sound design is simple and effective, and little details like the weather changing to overcast or rainy are appreciated.

As with Crossy Road before it, the game’s longevity comes from its inclusion of unlockable and purchasable items. Purchasing or unlocking heads, torsos and pants is as enjoyable as in any other game, but I would have appreciated some variance in gameplay, such as different terrain to walk on, or unlockable cities with fresh hazards, akin to the gameplay progression in Rodeo Stampede.

Steppy Pants is a product of its time, unabashedly aping the games that forged the tropes at its core, but delivering the experience in a fluid, addicting and humorous package. As a free download, fans of twitch games and ragdoll physics should definitely consider giving it a download.

4 Stars


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