The debut iOS release from developer Collective Mass, Alien Jelly: Food for Thought offers an enjoyable take on gravity gameplay, with some tricky puzzles that should satisfy fans of straightforward puzzle-platformers.

The premise is simple. You’re a smack-talking sentient brain, trapped inside a cube of jelly. The brain once owned a cafe, but his baked goods have been scattered throughout the universe. Luckily, the aforementioned baked goods have settled onto a series of faux-isometric 3D puzzles, so once you’ve traversed the game’s 50 levels, you’ll be able to re-open the cafe!

Alien Jelly Food For Thought Screenshot 1

Alien Jelly Food For Thought Screenshot 2

Alien Jelly Food For Thought Screenshot 3

Your brain is controlled with a series of simple gestures. Swipe to roll your jelly cube one square at a time, and use two fingers to rotate the puzzle, altering its gravity. As the game progresses, you’ll face increasingly dangerous challenges, such as meat tenderizers, saw blades, and your most common enemy, the oblivion of space. Making things even more complicated, in later levels you’ll find yourself piloting two separate jelly brains at once.

Sound tricky? It can be. More than once, I found myself careening into space, having forgotten to account for my second jelly-blob’s location during a rotation. Thankfully, the developers are merciful, providing the player with Time Cookies that can undo a hastily-made mistake.

The controls are spot-on, and the sound design collides with campy graphics to create a space-horror aesthetic along the lines of Don’t Run with a Plasma Sword. However, the background music is a little repetitive, and I would have appreciated a little more snarky dialogue between the protagonists.

While it doesn’t break new ground in terms of gameplay or graphics, Alien Jelly: Food for Thought is an enjoyable romp while it lasts, and well worth the current price tag of $3.99.

3.5 Stars


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